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As part of his efforts to improve productivity and visibility, one of our internal consultants quickly jotted his past hour today…

“Finished catching up on news and emails, covered the detrimental disparity in today’s professional mathematics, a new ec2 instance with burstable performance characteristics that seem to be aimed towards entry level customers, there’s an nginx specific conference in SF requesting papers for October, sleep can be a competitive advantage, innovation that can be gained in new works by looking at previously discarded ideas of old yet influential works,a tool that helps teach you pitch detection (I’m assuming relative pitch as opposed to perfect pitch) while also teaching you the guitar, Amy from XYZ requested a password reset on Beth’s cloud workstation account yesterday, I obliged, it didn’t work yesterday but works now, so chalk that up to user error, will confirm with them that everything is in order, grabbing a bite, then sending emails afterwards also communicated briefly with the head of documentation for the programming language Rust. Steve Klabnik, awesome guy, Rust is an amazing project.

I always knew I loved learning. I just love that I am in a job and career where that is not only encouraged, but required!

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