Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010 Sync Errors

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Sync Error

If you are a heavy SharePoint user, there is a chance you are still running SharePoint Workspace 2010. Today, after months of this tool working flawlessly, I suddenly ran into some errors during syncing and thought I would share the resolution.

Details: Harmonica Version Not Found

I started with this error. After disconnecting the library and trying to reconnect, I received the CSI error 123 (below).

More info:

Details: CSI error 123

I understand this can happen if temporary data is corrupted. I ran the following command on my 64-bit OS:

"%SystemDrive%\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\groove.exe" /clean /all

At this point, all of my workspaces were removed from SharePoint Workspace 2010 and I had to click “Sync to SharePoint Workspace” from within the SharePoint navigation bar.

More info:

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