Learn About Industrial IoT Platform Services for Analytics and Machine Learning at BIWA Summit 2017

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This week a team from M&S is at the BIWA Summit 2017 at the Oracle headquarters in San Francisco. The BIWA Summit focuses on topics such as Internet of Things (IoT), Data Warehousing, Advanced Analytics, Big Data, Business Intelligence, and Cloud Computing.

We are excited to have one of our Big Data and IoT practice leads, Jay Mason, invited to present a session on “Industrial IoT Platform Services for Analytics and Machine Learning.”

A number of IoT platform offerings have recently entered the market. IoT platform applications began with Machine to Machine Intelligence (M2Mi) in 2006, and the M2Mi platform is now in its 6th major release. Among new offerings released within the last two years include Oracle IoT Cloud, Amazon IoT, IBM Watson IoT, Salesforce IoT, Microsoft Azure IoT, GE Predix, Bosch IoT Suite, and more. Each of the platforms needs to collect data in a myriad of formats from hundreds or thousands of sensors; upload, cleanse and transform the data; maintain data in persistent storage; and finally deliver value by applying analytics, workflow, and machine learning techniques to drive informed decisions and actions.

The purpose of our presentation is to cover key analytics, machine learning capabilities, and common analytics workflows of IoT platforms. It also covers some important topics related to IoT platforms: end-to-end security, integration with other application, the ‘edge,’ predictive modeling, and real-world use cases.

Common questions will be addressed during the presentation including:

  • What analytics and machine learning capabilities should we expect from our IoT PaaS providers?
  • How do we integrate IoT data in the cloud with on-premises enterprise transaction systems?
  • How do we effectively manage machine learning models and iterative workflows?
  • How do we transition from an on-premises operational data store or data warehouse to cloud-based analytics?
  • What new capabilities do we see on IoT PaaS horizon?

Meet Our Big Data and IoT Leader, Jay Mason

Jay is the leader of Big Data and IoT at M&S Consulting with over 20 years of experience with Business Intelligence solutions. As a senior architect and project manager, he helps enterprises migrate streaming analytics to hybrid, cloud-based architectures where security, advanced analytics, machine learning, systems integration, and big data requirements converge. You can get in touch with Jay at 513-218-9906 or jay.mason@mandsconsulting.com

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