Integrate IBM Cognos with Oracle Single Sign-On

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Integrate IBM Cognos with Oracle Single Sign On

There are a lot of enterprise applications available in today’s computer-driven world, and many businesses implement several different applications at once. With each application comes a new username and password that employees have to remember, and each password forgotten increases the number of IT tickets that has to be handled. Oracle Single Sign-On (SSO) is part of Oracle Access Management (OAM)  and allows a unified user experience that allows users to only have to remember one password. SSO can be configured to work with not only Oracle products but other enterprise applications as well. One of these other applications that we have recently integrated with SSO is IBM Cognos.

For those not already familiar, IBM Cognos is a suite of enterprise software designed for business intelligence, automation and data integration, and performance tracking. Which, as it turns out, can be integrated with OAM and SSO.

The integration process itself is actually straight forward and takes little effort. The process simply requires that your Cognos sites must be registered as protected resources, update the webgate configuration to reflect this as well, add a response for the authorization, and you are set for SSO on your Cognos configuration.

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