Google Custom Search Engine (CSE)

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Effectively and efficiently searching content will continue to be a challenge on the internet. I feel Google has made a fantastic contribution to the web community with Google Custom Search Engine (perhaps also known as Site Search). What’s better? I think they have found a way to improve their own index through this tool — an unadvertised win-win and genius move on Google’s part.

I was able to quickly use CSE to create a search engine for my own use with my favorite sites and also create a search across a few of the sites I work on regularly. Of course, I need to make sure all my pages are indexed by Google in order for my site search to work the way I need. That’s right, I take on an even more active and important role in my site’s indexing. I already had a vested interest, but that interest has just gone up even further for a site where I use CSE. At some point, I envision removing our site search capabilities (perhaps even on and replacing them with Google’s CSE.

You will see a news release here in coming days identifying a site that takes advantage of Google CSE.

2 Comments on “Google Custom Search Engine (CSE)”

  1. I was wondering if you implemented the google CSE on an apex application? I am trying to do this for a current apex application that I am working on and was just wondering if you had any suggestions?

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