Google Cloud Rebranding Summary

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Google has updated it’s branding of Google for Work, Google’s Cloud Platform, and the rest of the company’s cloud-based services, not just logos in this case, but also some of the formal names as well. What was once “Google for Work” is now called “Google Cloud”. The update has caused a little confusion, so we’ve reviewed the information and hopefully, we can bring you some clarity.

Within Google Cloud, we have:

  1. Google Cloud Platform (most popular in the past for its Compute Engine IaaS offering (now just part of Compute offerings), but it also has much more. Such as Storage/Databases, Big Data, and Machine Learning APIs as we will point out at the bottom of this article)
  2. Maps (with APIs for business mapping)
  3. G Suite (what used to be called Google Apps, still with the same Communication, Collaboration, and Storage solutions)
  4. Chrome and Android (focused on enterprise use cases)


Following is a depiction of the high level offerings within the newly branded Google Cloud.

Following is a depiction of the latest offerings and groupings of solutions contained within the Google Cloud Platform.

Following is a quick chart of the name changes that have taken place.


Previous Name

New Name

Google for Work

Google Cloud

Google Apps for Work

G Suite

Google for Work Partner Program

Google Cloud Partner Program

Google for Work Partner

Google Cloud Partner

Google Maps for Work

Google Maps

Chrome for Work


Android for Work


Google Search for Work Google Enterprise Search

Google for Work Connect

Google Cloud Connect (GCC)

Google for Education

Google for Education

Google Apps for Education G Suite for Education
Google for Education Partner Google for Education Partner
Google for Education Connect Google for Education Connect


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