Google Chrome PDFs – Disable Chrome PDF Viewer Plugin

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I was losing my mind with trying to print a PDF I had opened in Google Chrome. I also missed some of the Adobe Reader features like bookmarks that I was accustomed to. I like the speed of Google Chrome’s rendering of PDFs, but these things were sorely missing in some cases, so I thought I would show how I got back my old Adobe functionality by disabling the PDF plugin.

In your Chrome browser, simply navigate to chrome://plugins. You will then be able to disable the Chrome PDF Viewer.

Chrome Plugins Page

I hope this saves someone else some headache and maybe is useful for disabling other Chrome plugins down the road.

2 Comments on “Google Chrome PDFs – Disable Chrome PDF Viewer Plugin”

  1. Is it possible through the coading? or Java script because how many times i enter and disable this on every machine?

  2. Pretty interesting. This site simply keeps me coming. Generally there s certainly not a lot else to mention regarding it 😀 thanks a lot.

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