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I read this as “We Wish Apple Was More Like Google”.

Okay, let me come right out and tell you that Apple has not been morally right about anything related to preventing Flash on their devices. They have simply played a good marketing game to protect profits and eliminate competition.

Amazingly, even after [halfway] eating crow about their previous decision to deny support for Flash by now supporting Flash-built Apps in the App Store, there are people saying Apple has been right to deny its users Flash on the web. Start with the premise that the only reason Apple is allowing Flash in the App Store is because they have now determined that it would be lucrative.

They need to allow Flash in the browser as well for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad to lift what I consider monopolistic activity. In the end, this will be lucrative in the long run for them as well, and they will realize it. As for the argument that Flash cannot perform or that it introduces security risks…Adobe, Apple, and Flash/web developers are smart people. Don’t try to argue what the possibilities/pitfalls are without giving them a chance.

If Apple was truly concerned with supporting the “open” web — even they will admit that is low on their list of priorities — they would allow Flash in the browser. It will come. Google will force Apple’s hand.


To me, this is all about Apple needing to appear “open” as opposed to the merits of Flash anyways. Google has already been labeled the “more open” marketplace and platform than Apple, so Apple will have no choice but to counter this. We have already seen this now with Apple publishing their app approval process. The only way a technology wins is by embracing the developer community, including the new generation and the lower-income developers that can’t afford Macs — Google knows it, and Apple is learning it quickly.

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