CSS Dies in the Enterprise. Why!?

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We have been implementing CSS-based web layouts and designs for years now, for all of our clients.  However, it continues to amaze us how many new implementations we walk into in the enterprise space that are very heavy with HTML layouts, and many of the implementations make simply no use at all of CSS.

I’d be happy to hear an argument the other way, but I believe CSS has more than proven itslef and solidified its prominent place in the web world.  The fact is, in appearance, function, development time, and maintenance without CSS, I wouldn’t even bother mentioning it.  I realize the uptake on the power and extensive use of the web for enterprises was quite slow.  But everyone knows the power of the web now, and enterprises should be investing and driving some of the most innovative uses, if not at least keeping up with the Joneses.

So, all you people involved in enterprise web implementations still avoiding CSS, wake up already.  We’ll bring the coffee with us.

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