ColdFusion 9 Development on Windows (Standalone Server, ColdFusion Builder, and HelloWorld)

ColdFusion seems to find itself being re-invented by Adobe here. With server components allowing developers to declaratively incorporate ExtJS UI components in CFML, ColdFusion 9 could add that extra wow factor the CF developer community has needed to continue to make a case for its place in the technology stack. This is an interesting move considering that Adobe has pushed CF as a nicely coupled back-end technology for Flex development.

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This guide walks through an installation of:

  • Standalone ColdFusion 9 Developer Edition (Server)
  • Standalone ColdFusion Builder (IDE)

Upon installation of the above, this guide further walks through how to configure the ColdFusion Builder IDE and build simple “Hello World” application.

PS: I can’t remember the last Hello World that was this simple to develop with such few lines of code.

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