BPEL Worklist Application Error

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I wanted to note that our team has received an error when managers logged into the Worklist Application on one of our implementations. There is very little information available for this online, but we were able to work with Oracle Support to get a patch. So, if you experience an error like the following, reach out to Oracle Support or even us. We’ll be happy to help. Internal Error in Verification Service for user ADAM. getRoleBasedGroupActions. If you need more information, please check with your administrator with the following exception-identifier: “2007/09/28_10:43:42:782_ADAM” Note: We had this error using BPEL, but … Read More

Oracle BAM and SOA Suite – Potential Conflict On Same Machine

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We had an issue where BAM stopped working after installing SOA Suite on a Windows 2003 Server (BAM only runs on Windows at the time of this writing). After trying to uninstall/reinstall many times ourselves, Oracle Support suggested that this was not a compatible configuration. We have done it before (in play environments), but this clearly can cause some issues that are not easy to resolve. So, in this case, we ended up splitting the installation to different machines and have been sleeping much better at night.

Oracle Portal HTML Templates – Page Skins, Content Layouts and More

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I have seen a large number of Oracle Portal implementations, and even a fair number using Portal version 10.1.4. It amazes me how many do not take advantage of HTML Templates. These are one of the most powerful additions to the Oracle Portal product, and it is a shame if they are not used or not used the “right” way. Implementors can give their users a customized look-and-feel that is truly flexible and powerful. We have done some incredible things with HTML Templates, and will be showcasing some of the capabilities this year at Oracle Open World in San Francisco. … Read More

Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g beta

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I have been involved in the Fusion Middleware 11g beta program as well as participating in other ways as a member of the Advisory Board for Oracle Portal and Oracle SOA Suite. Although I can’t say much at this time since not much has been publicized, I can tell you that there is some exciting new features coming for developers, administrators, and end-users. Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g will prove to be a very large release that is both deep and broad, covering major enhancements that really span the entire Fusion Middleware Suite. As more information becomes public (or I am … Read More

JDeveloper 11g Download

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If you haven’t already, download Oracle JDeveloper 11g for free using the links below or directly from the JDeveloper 11g Download Page. The Oracle JDeveloper team has been hard at work making this IDE really work as it becomes even more central to developing the next generation of Oracle products. JDeveloper 11g – Direct Links Below are the links to the various JDeveloper 11g Update 2 (Build 5205) Windows Studio Edition  jdevstudio11110install.exe (753 MB) This version includes the JDK version 6 and supports Windows 2000, 2003, XP and Vista Linux Studio Edition jdevstudio11110install.bin (759 MB) This version includes the JDK … Read More

Oracle BPA -> BPEL Manual Configuration Items

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Oracle BPA does a great job importing into BPEL, but here are a few items that need to be manually configured. Here is just a quick note on my findings to date: Process Payloads need to be copied, Assigns to set up parameters Import from BPA to JDeveloper tool, the build.xml and build properties are often missing and need to be copied from other projects Human Tasks need to have forms assigned Embedded Java tasks cannot be round-tripped back into BPA, so they shouldn’t be used

CRM Titan (4.0) Preview

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If you have worked with or implemented Microsoft CRM 3.0 (or even previous versions like 1.2), you will know that there are some features that could really help improve the implementation, development, and end-user experiences. CRM Titan (4.0) has the promise of bringing together some of these features in this third major release of Microsoft CRM (yes, they skipped 2.0). Along with multilingual capabilities, one of the main hot-points is the SaaS offerings. Microsoft CRM will be available in 3 architectural flavors: On-Site (Self Hosted) — as done in the past Hosted by Partners Hosted by Microsoft The SaaS offerings … Read More

SQL Server 2005 Service Pack, Version, Edition

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Here is how I find out what SQL Server 2005 DB I am playing with: Log into any DB in your SS 2005 instance Run the following query SELECT SERVERPROPERTY(’productversion’), SERVERPROPERTY (’productlevel’), SERVERPROPERTY (’edition’)SELECT SERVERPROPERTY(‘productversion’), SERVERPROPERTY (‘productlevel’), SERVERPROPERTY (‘edition’)