Oracle on Amazon EC2 Cloud – APEX, Apps, Middleware, and DB Virtualized Hosting

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The economy is evolving, technology is getting better, and overall, the game is changing with cloud computing. M&S is now resellers for the Amazon EC2 Cloud, providing customers with access and expertise to make their enterprises run on “the cloud”. To host an enterprise environment, let alone Oracle, simply does not appear cost effective in the long run. In fact, I am open to healthy discussion contending that statement.

SOA with M&S: Demystify, Discipline, and Deliver

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SOA Labels

Among their many characteristics, all too often SOA projects have been labeled in their worst moments as:

  • Overly complex in architecture, design, and communication to the organization
  • Lacking the ability to control costs during implementation and maintenance
  • Difficult to attract and retain talent with valuable experience, deep skills, and real success

It’s Not SOA’s Fault

Guess what. None of these are characteristics of SOA, but instead…

Oracle Portal Server Dynamic Menu

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As part of the M&S Dynamic Oracle Portal utility, the Oracle Portal Dynamic Menu allows you to generate hierarchical links available to the visitor navigating your portal, styled exactly the way you want.


For a limited time, contact us with how you would use this solution and we will provide a single domain license of the Oracle Portal Dynamic Menu free of charge to your organization, which must have a valid Oracle Portal license.

FreeQL – Free Oracle SQL Select Statements

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M&S Consulting has begun a revolutionary service where we will write Oracle SQL statements for FREE. We have named this service FreeQLTM.


Who can use FreeQL?

Anybody can request an Oracle SQL statement to be written, as complex as you desire. You must provide a valid, non-free email address that we will use to communicate with you. That means that we will not entertain requests from gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc.

What’s the catch?

With years in the business writing high performing, very practical SQL statements for Oracle customers (many in the business intelligence space), we want to share our knowledge and get the word out about our skills, ability, and friendly business style.

You are welcome to sign up for our newsletter or make a small payment if you desire, though that is not a requirement.

I’m in. Now what?

Simply populate the FreeQL form and we will respond to you with SQL. Everyone wants something without spending money…and we’re here to give it to you!

Oracle BPA Suite and SOA Suite – Combined

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Oracle has made some great strides with their BPM and SOA offerings. For M&S, combining process and technology has become even more exciting with Oracle’s tools. For the first time, Oracle has made it possible for our consultants to more easily bring together best of breed solutions (IDS Scheer’s ARIS and Oracle SOA) and leading industry standards (BPMN, BPEL, and BPEL4People) to our implementations, which typically involve some level of process management/improvement and technology automation (workflow and reporting). Following is a quick image of how each person in an organization fits into our approach when combining process with technology using … Read More

Conditionally Purge BPEL Instances on 10.1.3.x

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Marc Kelderman wrote a helpful article on this topic: One of the users there notes: Note there is a patch to to purge old data (6372741). Its a fairly dumb one that deletes everything older than a given date. Trying to do something more elaborate we have noticed that if you use the script in this article as a basis then rows in xml_document table are not removed. We have written code to conditionally purge BPEL instances in a sophisticated manner, taking into account custom logic, scheduling, and performance for multiple customers in SOA/BPEL versions 10.1.2 and 10.1.3.x. … Read More