BI, Datawarehousing, and ETL

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The Challenge

  • Senior Management at a silicon wafer manufacturing facility were making decision based on incomplete or inaccurate operational data
  • Management needed data issues resolved to improve plant profitability and drive strategic decisions
  • Technology group was working with a system built before their time – i.e. didn’t fully understand the BI system from source to reporting

The Solution

  • Facility’s technology group hired M&S Consulting to review the business intelligence system, review the initial plan, and implement a new system
  • M&S Consulting conducted a thorough ETL process and code review, created relevant documentation and presented to the technology group
  • Technology group’s initial thoughts after ETL review was to make incremental modifications to the system
  • M&S Consulting obliged – created a preliminary project plan and reviewed w/technology group. After review however, M&S Consulting drafted an secondary plan to provide management with alternatives to incremental changes
  • Technology group, after reviewing both plans side by side, and after discussing both short and long-term implications, decided that M&S Consulting’s secondary plan was better suited to resolving underlying data issues.
  • M&S Consulting brought three disparate client side technology teams to review the plan, obtain buy-in from all groups and subsequently constructed a proof-of-concept
  • After successful proof of concept, project was formalized through project plan and weekly milestone meetings
  • Over the next several months, weekly milestones were meet and collaboration between all three technology groups deepened.
  • M&S Consulting led implementation of the system using Java & PL/SQL, conducted thorough data validation at each project phase.

The Results

  • Data issues resolved
  • A new, fully functional, scalable BI system created
  • Fostered greater collaboration between three technology groups
  • All three groups came away with an in-depth understanding of the new BI system

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