Between a rock and a hard place: How does Oracle bug 28793062 affect Banner schools’ plans to upgrade to 18c?

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Ellucian rescinded support for, AKA 18c due to a severe defect. was renamed 18c following Oracle’s new naming convention. “18” for its 2018 release (cloud: 18.1.0 in 2/18 and on-premises: 18.3.0 on 7/18).

In October of 2018, Ellucian rescinded support for, AKA 18c due to a severe defect. Some PL/SQL procedures in Banner including arguments based on table%rowtypes would no longer compile, complaining that a “PL/SQL package with user-defined type is throwing PLS-00801: [Unexpected Fragile External Reference.])”… and there was no workaround.

Ellucian’s rescission of support for 18c with Banner came at a tricky time for schools. IT departments were already feeling pressure to stay on top of upgrades as Oracle’s premier support for 12.1 is coming to an end (after already having been extended to July 2019). The range of supported versions was getting narrow.

A patch was finally released on February 8, 2019, and initial reports were positive. That said, as of the date of this entry, Ellucian has not reinstated its support for 18c. School IT departments continue to wait anxiously for the all clear.

How about your institution? Were you originally planning to move to 18c? What do you have to consider when deciding when to upgrade?

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