Amazon Web Services on Salesforce

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Amazon Web Services on Salesforce

There is an App available from Salesforce that makes connecting S3 buckets and EC2 instances incredibly simple. Referred to as the Amazon Toolkit. With Salesforce as a leader in the SaaS world, one might not see why integrating with AWS, a leader in the IaaS world, would be beneficial. Salesforce allows you to create incredibly simple custom apps for just about any requirement, but the raw data in these apps tends to be tucked away and hidden. Sometimes an organization might need to analyze data beyond Salesforce’s capabilities, or as a way of saving costs by backing up older records and … Read More

Hosting a Blog using Amazon Web Services

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With tools like WordPress and Amazon Web Services, it’s easy to establish a presence on the Internet. Of course there is more to it than just having a website. There are a lot of aspects to hosting and running a website, but for casual use, this is a great way to start. WordPress itself is an excellent tool for both the novice user or the knowledgeable. A simple blog can be up with little effort, but with some time and knowledge, it can be a fully robust content manager. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers an affordable, and sometimes free, way … Read More

Happy Ada Lovelace Day!

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Happy Ada Lovelace Day

Before Tesla and Turing and Edison and Einstein, there was Ada Lovelace. Those first four names are nearly all household names, especially in the world of science and technology. But Ada Lovelace is not a name one hears as often. She is often referred to as the first person to write a computer program. There is a movement based on Ada’s namesake to spread awareness of women who inspire from the world of Science Technology Engineering and Math, or more frequently referred to as STEM. To introduce Lovelace, she was born on December 10th, 1815 and is the daughter of … Read More

Career Fairs – The Other Side of the Table

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Career Fairs – The Other Side of the Table

In this blog post, two newer members of the M&S team reflect on career fair experiences. While students, we’d been through career fairs quite a few times. Trying to sell yourself to companies in just a few short minutes is stressful. It can be hard to put yourself out there as an inexperienced student. This year, we got to be on the other side of the career fair table. With the experience of participating in career fairs fresh in our minds still, we have some pointers for students that we think will help them…and us. What Actually Matters Attending career … Read More

A Kickin’ [Interactive] Map

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A Kickin' Map

Mountaineer United Soccer Club (MUSC) came to us with a problem. Not a cloud (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS), big data, Oracle, or enterprise application problem; a different kind of problem. The field maps they had showing off their various soccer fields were very rudimentary with some not-to-scale representations of the play spaces. They lacked visual appeal that people desire when it comes to maps. They asked us to update the maps so so they had a bit more visual interest, so we took on the challenge and did a bit of research. We had some good design ideas for the map.

Before M&S:
After M&S:

[message_box title=”Interactive Map” color=”green”]CLICK HERE for the interactive map.[/message_box]

Marketing in the Eyes of a Second Grader

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Getting to work with kids is always a fantastic experience. Kids are far more clever and far more hyper than you’d ever imagine. Every time I get to teach with TEKids, I’m always shocked by something the students say. They know more than just about anybody would give them credit for. The latest TEKids class, “Market’eers,” focuses on, well marketing. What could a second grader possibly have to say about marketing? I’ll tell you, and you know what, it sure got me thinking. We started off class with snacks, because this is still elementary school and snacks are a must. … Read More

Day 1 as a New Intern

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Its nearly impossible to know what to expect from day one on a new job, especially when its your first professional job. There is the cliche of getting coffee and making copies as the new intern, which I’m sure is something that actually happens to a few individuals out there. I was confident that that wouldn’t be my reality. Thankfully it was far from it. My first day started off pretty typical, getting to the office around 9, standing around awkwardly, very briefly mind you, until I was shown the way to my desk. I was handed a laptop and … Read More