Lambda Functions with Newer Version of boto3 than Available by Default

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During development of an AWS Lambda function utilizing the recently released AWS Cost Explorer API, the latest version of boto3 and botocore was discovered to be unavailable in the Lambda execution environment. The Lambda execution environment supported version of an AWS SDK can lag behind the latest release found on GitHub, which can cause supportability issues when writing Lambda code attempting to use the most recently added features of AWS SDKs. This blog post will explore using boto3 1.4.8 and botocore 1.8.0 despite (at the time of this writing) the Lambda execution environment defaulting to boto3 1.4.7 and botocore 1.7.37. This … Read More

Compatibility of AWS EC2 API Actions and IAM Policy Resource-Level Permissions

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Compatibility of AWS EC2 API Actions and IAM Policy Resource-Level Permissions

In this blog post I will examine how partial implementation of a feature of IAM policies: resource-level permissions interacts with AWS EC2 API actions to produce confusing results. Please note that AWS states in its documentation that it is planning on expanding the compatibility of resource-level permissions, so check the links at the bottom of this post for the most up-to-date information. Below is a short python program ( that utilizes the ec2:DescribeVolumes action. As you can see, I have omitted the access/secret key pair. If you wish to use this code, simply insert your access/secret key you obtained from the IAM … Read More

AWS Opens Frankfurt Region

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AWS Opens Frankfurt Region

Amazon Web Services has announced the opening of the Frankfurt region, which is the second region in the European Union after Ireland. Two availability zones (AZs) are offered and Amazon reported that the Frankfurt region operates carbon-free, just as the US West (Oregon) and GovCloud regions do. The Frankfurt region supports a large number of AWS services and a full listing of services available from all AWS regions is available in Amazon’s Products and Services by Region page. While on the Products and Services by Region page, one may notice that there are also 3 Frankfurt AWS Edge locations, of particular … Read More

M&S Consulting Organizes Amazon Web Services Pittsburgh Meetup

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Pittsburgh Amazon Web Service

The first Amazon Web Services meetup of this year will be taking place on August 27th 7PM at RevvOakland. With monthly meetings planned for AWS among other events in the planning stages, M&S Consulting is now playing a greater part in connecting and stimulating the Pittsburgh cloud and virtualization community. We’ll be doing a compare and contrast of AWS Workspaces versus other public and private cloud DaaS offerings. Come for a brief presentation by Joe Perks of M&S Consulting and meet those in the Pittsburgh area doing great things with AWS! Remember, the meetups we host are always free and are … Read More

Solving “Access Denied” When Deploying SOA Process Stored in Google Drive

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access denied

Recently after creating a JDeveloper project within my Google Drive folder and attempting to deploy it, I received an error “Access Denied” focused on copying two desktop.ini files. After a few troubleshooting steps involving permissions for both the file and JDeveloper, deleting the desktop.ini files prevailed as the best solution.   To delete the error causing files, select the view menu then select “Hidden Items”.   Now that you can see the desktop.ini files, navigate to the directories where the error causing files reside and delete the desktop.ini in each folder. These are created automatically by Google Drive and change … Read More

Installing OEL on Specialized Storage Device (iSCSI SAN)

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When installing Oracle Enterprise Linux via graphical interface, we are given the option to install on “Specialized Storage Devices”. This is an alternative to installing on a local hard drive. Select “Specialized Storage Devices”.   Select the “Other SAN Devices” tab, the click “Add Advanced Target”.   Since here we are using iSCSI, we select iSCSI target. Click “Configure network” and ensure your networking adapter is properly configured. Then click “Add Drive”.   Select the network interface that was previously configured.   Enter the IP address of your SAN server and the initiator name.   You will be presented with … Read More

AWS Adds Docker Support to Elastic Beanstalk

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Container Ship

Today Amazon announced and deployed Docker support for Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon Web Service’s Platform as a Service offering. This brings the supported platforms to the following list: Node.JS, PHP, Python, .NET, Java, Ruby and Docker. Now it is easier than ever to deploy onto AWS your Docker backed application at any scale, from a single instance on up. From the AWS blog post: “To use an image with Elastic Beanstalk, you will create a file called This file specifies the image to be used and can also set up a port to be exposed and volumes to be mapped in … Read More

Fixing “VDP: No clients were found for group” Error in VMware Data Protection Advanced

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This is the solution for the vCenter Server Event Viewer error “VDP: No clients were found for group: <Job Name>  They either do not exist, or are inaccessible”. If, after configuring the VMware Data Protection VM, and creating a backup job, you receive the above error, you must register within the VDP appliance configuration any hosts holding VMs you are attempting to backup. Go to the configuration tab of the VDP appliance from which the failed backup job was run. Select the license key you added during the initial VDP configuration, click the grey cog icon then select “Edit license … Read More