Applications with SQL Maintained Outside of Stored Procedures

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I have seen multiple custom solutions and packaged applications store their SQL outside of stored procedures. I am focusing this article on custom enterprise solutions, which I feel is one of the fastest growing areas in development. Some people who choose to store SQL outside of their database have touted database independence/abstraction, others easier maintenance, and I’m sure many other “excuses” have been communicated. In my opinion, if you have 1) a custom enterprise application and 2) an Oracle database(s) as the backend, all of your SQL — and associated DB logic — should be written, stored, maintained, etc. within Oracle stored procedures. I can dream up very unique scenarios where a valid argument could possibly begin to be made to keep SQL outside — but I think 99% of places that have done this, or will be considering this, really should have kept SQL inside their DB.

I’d like to hear your reasons for maintaining your Oracle SQL outside of Stored Procedures.

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