APEX 3.2 Tutorial Preparation and OEHR Sample Data – Video Walkthrough

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This tutorial video and article is meant to help you setup your APEX installation so you can proceed through the Advanced Tutorials. It covers creation of a new workspace for the tutorials, as well as installation of the OEHR sample data needed for the tutorials themselves.


High Level Steps

Preliminary reading and video tutorials:
APEX Software Download – All OS’s
APEX Installation Tutorial

1. Extract OEHR sample data file. (0:55)
2. Navigate to and login to APEX Admin (1:41)
3. Create workspace and user in APEX (3:47)
4. Install OEHR Sample data (6:01 )
5. Verify data was loaded properly. (8:42)

Times in parenthesis are approximate start time for that step in the video

Notes and Resources

The creation of a new user and workspace is covered in more detail in the getting started and 2 day administrators guides. the importing of the OEHR is actually covered in section 1 of the Advanced tutorials.

The documentation and Tutorials (base and advanced) are available here: Tutorial and Documentation

The OEHR Sample data is one of many packaged applications and samples available for APEX. The OEHR sample data is available here.

Many smaller aspects of navigating the APEX interface and various screens are not covered here. There will be an overview video of these in the near future. All of these screens and interfaces are covered in the formal documentation.

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