An Analysis Design that will Allow Users to Create Custom Reports in OBIEE

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An Analysis Design that will Allow Users to Create Custom Reports

Recently, I have been toying with the idea of having an OBIEE report that would allow the users to customize which columns would be shown in a particular report. This idea was going to be hard to execute because allowing users to customize the report that they would want to see on a dashboard would require the XML driving the analysis to change dynamically. A solution to this problem will not give the user 100% control of which columns are added to a report but it will allow them to have more control creating a report that they’re interested in. It should be noted that dashboard prompts and other OBIEE features will be available with design.

The column selector feature will be used to drive this solution.

We will be creating an analysis that will have four column choices for the user. Start by adding one column in the criteria tab and making it a dummy variable. Seen below:

Then select “OK”.

After this, select the “Column Properties” and then the “Column Format” tab. Here make sure that you hide the dummy column and set the “Value Suppression” to repeat. Be sure to make any formatting changes at this point because you will not be able to make any other changes to the column properties.


Once this is completed select OK and select the “Results” tab. There will be a table that is shown delete that table and add a Column Selector shown:


We will add a Column Selector to our compound view and edit it:


Select Include Selector and double click the columns that you’re interested and then select Done. The Results tab should currently look like this:



Now select an option from the drop down and your selection will now show in the table below:


We continued this process for product information and fact information:


This is an example of how this analysis will look when the user  selects  options for their  table.

This process can be extended to have columns for several selections for certain tables to give the user more flexibility

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