10g OSSO to 11g WebCenter Portal External Applications Migration

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Oracle 10g to 11g diagram

We recently had a customer who undertook an Oracle Portal 10g to Oracle WebCenter 11g upgrade and ran into an issue with their External Applications and users. To give some context to the problem, there is a direct correlation between an Oracle 10g OSSO and Oracle 11g Webcenter portal for external applications but no way of migrating users from one to the other.

Migrating from one system to another is never easy, and in this instance there was no mechanism to even begin the migration apart from manual migration of the data. This simply was not an option for the size of the user base. Considering this, the goal of the task was to migrate the users from one portal to the other in an efficient way. Our solution needed to be developed relatively quickly, as their users had no access at all to their External Applications at the time.

We designed a solution to this problem that is automated, transient, secure, and re-usable. This solution involved the integration of a couple of technologies and platforms in order to transport the user data and credentials efficiently. The solution was conceived in an adaptable and customizable way that allowed for ease of use. We have now deployed this working solution for a number of applications and our customer is happy as a result.


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