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5 Day Quickstart Implementation Package

$6,235.00 $5,000.00

Our 5 Day Quickstart Implementation Package is an end-to-end solution to get your business started on the Salesforce platform and is tailored to the Salesforce Cloud solution that meets your business requirements. By leveraging our 5 Day Quickstart solution, your organization will reap the cost benefits of a Salesforce application that is ready to go on Day 1.

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Our solution includes:

  • Discovery
  • Configuration
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Data Management
  • Training
  • Post-Go-Live Support
  • Project Management
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Custom Object


Salesforce Custom Objects allow you to store and track information that is unique to your organization. Custom Objects can be configured with specific fields and relationships to other other Objects in your application to fulfill a unique business process.

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Custom Workflow Rule


Salesforce Custom Workflow Rules allow you to automate procedures in your Salesforce Org to support your specific business processes. Workflow rules can define a series of actions – such as record or field updates – that take place based on defined entry criteria. Workflow rules can be configured to behave based on immediate input or time-based workflow considerations.

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Custom Approval Process


Salesforce Custom Approval Processes allow you to incorporate the approval authority required to support your business processes. Approval Processes allow you to define a sequence of criteria steps necessary to approve a record.

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Custom Report Type


Salesforce Custom Report Types extend the the adaptability of Salesforce's out-of-the-box reporting and analytics capabilities by allowing you to manage the objects and fields required to generate reports that display the information you need.

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Custom Dashboard


Salesforce Dashboards allow you to display your vital information to meet your business requirements. Dashboards use your Salesforce Reports to display your data in a variety of ways via graphic or tabular Components.

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Custom Fields Package


Custom Salesforce Fields allow you to track database Object information that is unique to your organization. Custom Fields can be configured to represent a variety of different value types such as currency, formula, or picklists.

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Adoption Package


The best CRM tools available are only as powerful as the team that uses it and the information it contains. In order to leverage the full value of your Salesforce application, user adoption is required. To achieve this, many organizations make the mistake of 'managing to Salesforce' by coercing their team into adoption. Our Salesforce Adoption package provides the tools, training, and strategy to 'manage with Salesforce' – a method focused on helping managers leverage the capabilities of their application to lead and support their teams.

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